Design, development, and manufacturing

Winlet is designed and manufactured by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of product handling equipment. Looking back on its more than 30 years as an industry leader, GMV Handling A/S is located in Denmark, a country that is known for its relentless pursuit of technical solutions that can provide a safer and more efficient working environment.

The Winlet products are designed and manufactured in a state-of-art production facility, using only the highest quality components and each unit is subject to intense testing before leaving the factory.

GMV Handling A/S sells the Winlet product line in 27 countries, and all sales, distribution and service support in North America has for more than a decade been carried out exclusively through its partner, ReachMaster, Inc.

Sales, distribution and service support

ReachMaster, Inc. is located in a northeast suburban area of Houston, Texas and has for almost 20 years specialized in pioneering new equipment and solutions within the aerial lift and material handling industry in North America.

A founding and core principle of the company is its uncompromised focus on operator safety combined with an extensive understanding of what the customer needs to operate a business efficiently, reliably and with minimum downtime.

Through its dealer network, in-house factory-trained technicians, spare part inventory and day-to-day shipping capabilities, ReachMaster, Inc. offers the highest level of professional customer service throughout the US and Canada.