Why Choose Winlet?

Why should I consider using a Winlet for my work?

Safety, - the No. 1 concern

We all strive for safety in our daily lives, trying to negate hazards and avoid behavior that can cause accidents and/or unwanted health issues. We fasten our seat belts in our cars when driving, we have electric breakers in our homes to avoid electric shocks, and our lawn movers have a protecting shield to prevent exposures to the cutting knives.

Yet, we see heavy glass and window panels being man-handled by people in awkward positions, often in construction environments with increased hazards including slippery and uneven surfaces. Add to this, weather conditions and an ever lingering dead-line to get the job done yesterday and you have all the factors that increase the risk of accidents and lower the efficiency rate.

A Winlet will solve all those problems:

  • Strong hydraulics will do the lifting
  • Dual redundant vacuum system will keep the load in place
  • Dual air tanks secure constant and emergency-ready vacuum
  • The remote control provides an optimal visual overview of the operation
  • Safe load-release two-button system that requires the use of two hands to avoid accidental release of the load
  • Strong trans-axel wheel drive combined with side-shift of load allows the Winlet to carry the load from off-loading site to installation location
  • The catch-wheels prevents potential tip-over accidents on uneven terrain
  • The anti-back off prevention safety system on the steering handle prevents pinching of the operator


The Winlet loves to work!

  • It doesn’t call in sick
  • It doesn’t get tired with increased fatigue as the day goes by with heavy lifting and installations again and again
  • It doesn’t involve itself with union issues
  • It doesn’t require coffee or lunch breaks
  • It doesn’t complain about work hours or the working environment
  • It cannot be distracted, causing an accidental drop of material, nor will it do the job different from time to time.
  • It will always perform to its maximum, no matter how old it is,
  • It doesn’t need healthcare insurance or Worker’s Comp.

Instead, here’s what you can expect of a Winlet

  • It will faithfully show up for work every day
  • It will replace the functions of several people
  • It will provide a much faster and safer work schedule
  • It will offer maximum protection of its precious load
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Proven technology combined with leading-edge design and support