Winlet 1265

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Winlet 1265 – with a unique gyroscope feature

The Winlet 1265 may be the smallest of the fully hydraulic Winlet models, however, there is nothing small about its performance or features. Its 1265 lbs. lifting capacity places it in the most popular application segment, and its performance simply hits the sweet spot for most users. The Winlet 1265 offers 6 fully hydraulic functions, including lateral movements and continuous rotation. The 100% frontal linear movement represents a paramount feature for installing glass into pre-fabricated frames.

Safety and high precision come standard

The main attraction on the Winlet 1265 is the unique gyroscope feature that allows for 100% automatic, fixed linear position of the load no matter any changes in the main boom angle. With this feature and the proportional controls of all hydraulic movements, the Winlet 1265 can place your load within less than 1/16 (1 millimeter) precision. This ensures perfect installation before you release the load by pressing the secure 2-button vacuum release function on the remote control. It is not by chance that the Winlet 1265 has become the preferred model among professional glazers and window installers.

It is not all about glass, though…!

The Winlet 1265 can easily be converted to lift many other airtight materials aside from windows and glass. The standard suction cups will attach safely to most plain surfaces, but special suction cups (for example for curved items) is available. Replacing suction cups is very easy with the quick-connect vacuum hoses. This expands the use of the Winlet 1265 (and all Winlet models) to include:

  • Steel plates
  • Aluminum plates
  • Granite slabs
  • Tiles
  • Fiberglass
  • Plasterboards
  • Sealed foam boards
  • Concrete elements
  • Aerated concrete
  • Wood fiber panels
  • Fire door
  • & any other airtight material