Winlet 770

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Winlet 770 – where it all started

The Winlet 770 is the smallest model in the range of the in-and outdoor self-propelled window vacuum lifter. The Winlet 770 became the benchmark at its launch in 2009 and remains one of the most popular models due to its 770 lbs. capacity and ultra-compact size. Like all Winlet models, the hydraulic system is the backbone of the Winlet 770’s performance. Powered by its strong front-wheel drive, the Winlet is at home on all surfaces, and with a width of only 27 inches, it will get in place most would think would be impossible. Its compact size makes it ideal to transport in a trailer or the back of a truck or van for easy transportation.

Effortless installation

Like its bigger sister models, the Winlet 770 is equipped with a genius vacuum swivel, making sure the vacuum hoses do not get in the way during work. The four hydraulic functions offer precise, yet fast action, which together with the linear movement system, significantly reduce installation time. The Winlet 770 is the ideal choice for lighter lifting jobs both in- and outdoors and the large range of accessories expands the use to many different applications.


  • 360-degree manual continuous rotation
  • Vacuum swirl
  • No broken vacuum hoses