Winlet 770TH

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Winlet 770TH – for mounting windows in multi-story buildings

The Winlet 770TH (Tele-Handler) is designed to take the Winlet technology to new heights, - literally.

This model can mount onto any telehandler or other equipment with forks. There is no need for any special mechanical interlock system or comprehensive couplings. The Winlet 770TH can simply be secured to the forks and is ready to use. The wireless control allows the operator to control all functions as found on the standard Winlet models, even when the unit is lifted several feet off the ground.

Working effortless at height

The Winlet 770TH is designed for mounting windows into multi-story buildings where the height requirements prevent the use of a standard Winlet model, or if the ground conditions of the construction site make access difficult. The Winlet 770TH is equipped with standard fork pockets that fit on most telehandlers or forklifts with the proper load rating. Thanks to its own “onboard” hydraulic system it works independently from its lifting source.

Maximum and safe performance

Its 770 lbs. lifting capacity is made possible by a redundant two-circuit vacuum system as a testimonial to the focus on safety on any Winlet model. The telescopic function of the main boom on the Winlet 770TH adds to its versatility as remarkable tool that can reach into places that is off-limits for other equipment.