Winlet 2200-T BL

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Winlet 2200T-BL – The glass lifter that goes where other equipment can’t go!

The Winlet 2200T- BL is truly the “state-of-the-art” machine in the most literal sense. The T stands for “tracks” and the BL stands “bi-leveling” which give this unit unparalleled all-terrain maneuverability. The patented dynamic leveling of the complete machine allows the unit to adjust on both horizontal and vertical axis.

Sublime traction and low ground pressure

Thanks to the low ground pressure The Winlet 2200 T-BL can operate on all different types of terrain, including soft and uneven ground, and even on stairs! Despite its low weight the Winlet 2200T-BL does not need any space-consuming outriggers but can operate straight from its compact format.

Automatic Self-Leveling

The Winlet 2200T-BL has a unique feature that allows the operator to select “DLS” – Dynamic Leveling System” when operating on slopes and very uneven terrain. When engaged this system will automatically level of the unit to always keep the manipulator in a level mode, independent of the track positions.

The Winlet 2200T-BL will automatically and simultaneously adapt to longitudinal slopes of up to 15° (27%) and transverse slopes of up to 14°(25%) at the same time, which provide optimal safety and extremely efficient driving ability.